I am truly grateful that you took the time to visit me! As with so many self-published authors, I remain a struggling author. However, I feel I have a voice and the experience of a lifetime behind it to give it some meaning.
     My interests are reflected in the topics of my books. I have been an amateur genealogist for about 35 years, and it is based upon an interest in history. I believe strongly in the strength of family. Our individual personal history is the root of our world history. We need to understand from where we have come in order to know who we are ... we must remember.
     I have had a successful 30-year career in technology management at a Fortune 100 corporation. I restored failing operations, developed new areas of business and guided teams to success as both team members and individuals. My growth as a servant-leader enlightened me with regard to my own career management and to the development of others with a truly caring heart.
     My background and interests have taken me through failure with hope, despair with love, struggle with success. I place God, family and friends in the highest regard. And, I hope that what I have to share can be encouraging to others.

Look around and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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 Recollections of a Museum Collector

This collection of stories penned by Charley Barber relate his travels and adventures from his early life through his work as a museum collector for the Field Museum 1903-1908.

Publication coming the summer of 2017!!

     In the 1940s at the urging of his friend and colleague Karl P. Schmidt of the Field Museum in Chicago, Charley was encouraged to write the stories of his time as a museum collector in the American Southwest, Mexico and Guatemala. Charley ultimately came to the realization that he was preserving not only a bit of the history of field collecting, but also the memories of his mentors and colleagues and the life that he and his contemporaries led. His stories reveal the adventure and danger of this business through Charley's eyes, along with a good deal of equally displayed humor. These previously unpublished manuscripts are a fascinating look into life of the exacting natural scientist who often had to rely on none but himself for survival in remote and dangerous settings.

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