James P. Barber

The Gifted Way to Manage Your Career

The 5-Phase Career Model and faith-based principles help the reader establish a foundation to successfully begin, grow, and sustain a prosperous career. Appropriate guidance for beginners and seasoned veterans alike.

The Collector, the Guide and the Bone Digger, 2nd Edition

Begin with a captivating photo journal from about 1902 chronicling an expedition into Mexico, then follow the fascinating life of naturalist and paleontologist Charles M. Barber (1876-1954).

From New York to Indiana: A History of the Ira Barber Family Beginning in 1786

This genealogy begins with blacksmith and farmer Ira Barber (1786-1866) who moves his family into the western reaches of Indiana in the early 1840s.

Recollections of a Museum Collector

These are the adventures of naturalist and paleontologist Charles M. Barber as penned by him in the 1940s. The stories cover his time as a museum collector while employed by the Field Museum 1904-1908.

The Hilgendorf-Haag Connection

A combined genealogy of the Hilgendorf and Haag families. With very different German beginnings, these two families merge in 1940 through the marriage of "Dutch" Hilgendorf and Leatha Haag.

       Hill of the Bear        A Historical Novel

Fourteen-year-old Clay Beckley comes of age in the Great American West in the 1890s. He joins an expedition to the San Francisco Peaks of Arizona beginning an adventure that battles nature, disease, and man himself.

       The Blacksmith         A Historical Novel

A young German immigrant comes of age in the town of La Porte, Indiana, in the early 20th century. A blossoming career is undermined by alcoholism and some bad choices resulting in grave danger.

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