James P. Barber

About Me

  •     I learned early in life the values of focus, responsibility, respect and kindness. Throughout college and a 32-year career at a major telecommunications company, I developed strengths in organization, planning and servant-leadership and was highly recognized and awarded for my efforts. My career successes led to my first book, The Gifted Way to Manage Your Career.
         After an early retirement, I pursued my lifelong interests in genealogy, writing and photography. My first two books were born out of my combined interests -- my first book, From New York to Indiana, being a history of my family from 1786. My second book, The Collector, the Guide and the Bone Digger, is a biography of a relative who worked as a paleontologist in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. My thoroughness and attention to detail were demonstrated by the meticulous research required for these two works.
         I continued to combine my interests in genealogy, and history in general, in several other books relating to family histories. I have also helped others produce books of their own families by providing insight and skills in editing their works.
         My latest novel, The Blacksmith, was recently released. A ten-year-old German immigrant comes of age in the town of La Porte, Indiana, in the early 20th century. Young Carl develops his talents as a blacksmith, but a blossoming career is undermined by alcoholism and some bad choices. Eventually, Carl becomes embroiled in a situation which makes him appear to be a Nazi spy to his co-workers. In the events that follow, Carl is placed in grave danger while his past comes flashing back to him.
         My wife Marti and I live in Warsaw, Indiana, where our greatest joy is in our role as grandparents to four granddaughters and two grandsons.

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