James P. Barber

About Me

  •     I fell into the historical novel genre through the inspiration derived from my lifelong hobbies of genealogy, writing, and photography. My earlier works focused on my corporate successes ("The Gifted Way to Manage Your Career") and then on family histories ("From New York to Indiana" and "The Collector, the Guide and the Bone Digger").
         I continued to combine my interests in genealogy and history in writing several other books relating to family histories. I have also helped others produce their own family histories by providing insight, direction, and skills in editing their works.
         In 2019, I wrote my first novel ... of course, a historical novel, "Hill of the Bear." This has been followed by additional historical novels, often inspired by people and events from my own family history. My wife Marti and I live in a small Midwestern town where we enjoy the community and the love of family.

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